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TRUYOU will always provide natural, safe, herbal, ayurvedic solutions to problems. Strictly refraining from harmful chemicals.


Ayurveda is a path to wholeness . It's goal is to join our little self(Jivaatma) with our true self(Paramaatma).It is a journey to finding that part of you that knows it is perfect, because,well it is.

   Each and every one of us is beautiful unique creation with perfectly unique characteristics.Ayurveda gives us what we need to balance both our body and mind & provides the doorway to true self.The Ayurvedic prespective of each individual's unique nature is centered around the concept of prakriti & vikriti- constitution and state of balance.Understanding our imbalances helps us to stop blaming ourselves and instead take the necessary steps to heal Most importantly, TRUYOU provides us with actionable tools to practice self-care


TRUYOU as the name suggests we are always true to you with 100% result oriented products with pure and natural ingredients


'TRUYOU' which literally means true you .It represents Ayurveda - the deep wisdom of nature and turning towards holistic approach as our best guide for health and living.It helps us regain balance through connecting with the elements and rhythm of life.'Truyou' is a really a holistic practice and it weaves together all parts of our lives in a simple yet profound way.Truyou advises instead of striving to become a poor version of someone else- own up the best & healthiest version of ourselves through 100% natural,result oriented,pure , authentic herbal Ayurveda.


Truyou unravels the power of herbs and celebrates the rich knowledge and heritage of India through our products


Our product is not only suitable for all genders but also for all hair types.

Massage the scalp and hair along the length with required amount of TRUYOU hair oil. Leave it on for minimum 1 hour ( preferably overnight ). Shampoo as usual. Follow this process at least twice a week for best results. 

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